microsoft Microsoft Xbox Series S, 512GB Without Disk

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اكس بوكس سيريس إس رقمي بسعة 512 جيجابايت

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Microsoft Xbox Series S, 512GB Without Disk

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Bluetooth luetooth Yes
Weight eight 2.9 kg
Height eight 6.3 cm
Wireless LAN ireless LAN Yes
Made in ade in China
4K Display K Display Yes
Number of Games umber of Games 0
Color olor White
Number of HDMI Inputs umber of HDMI Inputs 1
Total Storage Capacity otal Storage Capacity 512GB
Length ength 27.5 cm
Width idth 15
Brand Name rand Name MICROSOFT
Series Name eries Name Xbox Series S
No. of Controllers o. of Controllers 1
Product Type roduct Type Gaming Console

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